Positive Vibes

In a state with 300+ days of sunshine, we believe New Mexicans should have a sunnier disposition. Too often we talk about the state’s bad and while there’s plenty wrong, there’s also a lot right. Seraparito Supply Co. believes a change in tone can help turn negatives into positives. We're dedicated to being a place for positive energy.

Spread some positivity of your own with our Stay Bueno Decal.



Inspired To Live Green

The best way to to recycle plastics is not using them at all. Our company has vowed to limit the use of plastic materials to help keep our state beautiful. While paper packaging isn’t perfect, single-use plastics are difficult to recycle, don’t biodegrade and end up in our landscapes and oceans.


  • No single use polybags (excluding air fresheners)

  • Recyclable packaging with all our products

  • Shipped with recyclable materials



Look Ma’ We’re On TV

“An Albuquerque based online company is selling portable versions of New Mexico's signature scent. The seraparito gets plenty of laughs. The idea of a mini serape that goes around a burrito is pretty hilarious and it's intended to be.”

See our interview with KRQE


Our Promise

We want to make sure you’re happy with our products. If you're not satisfied, contact us at info@seraparito.com and we will work to get any issues resolved. You can review our return policy here.