Billy's Last Shot

Billy's Last Shot


Whiskey Saloon Scented Candle

The legend of the notorious Billy the Kid is as long as the horizon is wide. Let’s toast to The Kid‘s reckless ways and short lived life.

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About This Candle

Our Billy the Kid inspired candle is a 2oz soy and beeswax candle with wooden wick. Each candle comes in a reusable metal shot glass. The Whiskey Saloon scent has masculine scents of citrus, wood, and musk.

Dimensions: 2" x 2.25"
Wax: Soy & Beeswax Blend for Clean Consistent Burn
Fragrance Notes: Whiskey, Citrus, Wood, Musk


Reuse The Shot Glass


    Toss the candle into the freezer overnight

  2. TAP

    Next, take the candle out of the freezer, flip it upside down and tap the bottom and sides until the wax falls out

  3. WARSH

    Using warm soap and water, scrub the glass until it’s been cleaned thoroughly

  4. DRINK

    Pour yourself your favorite favorite spirit and enjoy.

The Legend of Billy the Kid

The legend of the notorious Billy the Kid is as long as the horizon is wide. There are many tales of daring escape, close calls and vengenous murders associated with “The Kid.” It’s widely believed William H. Boney killed 21 men, one for each year of his life. Despite the folklore, Billy only has 4 confirmed murders, two of which are viewed as justified.

During the Lincoln County War, Billy the Kid joined the Regulators - a cattle rustling group of outcasts turned vigilanties. They set out to correct the wrongs committed by the corrupt Sheriff Brady who had unjustly murdered his friend John Tunstall. The town was fearful of Sheriff Brady’s rule even though they knew his version of the law was unjust. Billy, with the support of the Regulators, shot Sheriff Brady, restoring justice to the town of Lincoln.

However, shooting a Sheriff is never seen very favorable to the government. Billy was forced to flee New Mexico, finding refuge in the badlands of Arizona. Billy would later return to New Mexico when Governor Lew Wallace offered him amnesty in trade for testimony. Problem was, Governor Wallace did not keep his word and Billy remained in custody after he provided his testimony. He got the feeling he wasn’t going to be let go, so he escaped from the pokey and headed north to Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

It was at the Hargrove Saloon, that Billy would kill his second man. This time however, in self-defence. A man by the name of Joe Grant was headed south, looking to collect the bounty laid upon Billy’s head. Billy was wise to Grant’s intentions. When Grant entered the bar, Billy complimented Grant on his revolver and asked to see it. Grant, not knowing what Billy looked like, gave Billy his gun. Billy inspected the firearm and arranged the chambers so the next shot would be blank. Billy returned the rifle to Grant and made a remark about who he was. Grant immediately drew his revolver and pulled the trigger. As planned, Grant’s gun didn’t fire, but Billy’s did.

Billy’s luck had been going pretty well. That is, until Sheriff Pat Garrett caught scent of his trail. Garrett and his posse planned a successful seize on an unsuspecting Kid. Billy was captured and taken to Mesilla, New Mexico to stand trial for the murder of Sheriff Brady. He was found guilty and sentenced to hang until he was “dead, dead, dead” in Lincoln NM.

Billy had other plans. While in custody, he asked the deputy if he could use the privy. While being escorted, Billy broke free of his shackles and shot the deputy square in the back. He then ran to the Sheriff’s upstairs office, grabbed his shotgun and went towards the balcony. From the balcony, Billy yelled, “Hello Bob!” and unloaded both barrels into the only other town deputy.

Pat Garrett heard Billy had fled back to Fort Sumner and set out to settle the score. On a dimly lit night, Garrett ambushed Billy’s hide out and shot two rounds into his chest. At just 21 years old, Billy’s wild days were over.


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