Stay Bueno Decal

Stay Bueno Decal


Stay Beuno amigos with this 3×3″ transfer decal. Available in four colors, it’s perfect for vehicle windows, laptops, snowboards, or any other smooth surface.

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Made with high-tack vinyl, these are stickers made to last. Sized at 3×3″ with no background.

The Zia symbol is much more than a sun. Created by the Zia Pueblo, the shape begins with Circle of Life. Emanating out of the Circle of Life are four sets of four sun rays. Four is a sacred number for the Zia Pueblo. The four sets of rays represent the four directions, the four times of day, the four stages of life, and the four seasons. The Zia symbol perfectly represents the convergence of united cultures.

New Mexico’s state flag was designed by archaeologist, Harry Mera of Santa Fe in 1925. Previously, New Mexico did not have a state flag.