Top Tube Blankets


Chipped Paint Sucks.
We Made Something To Fix That.

We’ve all seen it, a beautiful paint job ruined by the forks hitting the top tube. Our homies at Odd Fellows told us about this problem, so we came up with a solution. Our Top Tube Blankets wrap around 1” - 1.5” tubes to soften the impact when they knock into each other.


Universal Fit

Our Blankets are designed to fit any tubes between 1” to 1.5”. The velcro attachments make it easy to apply and remove.


Chip & Scratch Free Ride

We use soft neoprene material to protect those paint jobs. This material is durable, sticky and absorbent of impacts.


Cruise in Style

Each blanket is inspired by the southwest culture and tradition. The blankets will come in two color options, traditional serape and the blackout Mexican blanket.