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The Scent of the West

New Mexico is full of wild west legends. We’ve chosen two of our favorites (the notorious Billy the Kid and bad-ass Bronco Sue) to be honored in our Saloon Series of products.

Complete with Campfire Crackle, these candles bring the pioneer spirit into every home. As an added bonus, each one comes in a reusable shot glass.


New Favorites

¡Fiesta! Seraparito
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Warm Burritos. Cold Beers.

We hate cold bites and warm drinks. Our fix for this is the Seraparito, aka burrito blanket. An adjustable, insulated blanket perfect for burritos, bottles and cans.


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New Mexicans make the best food.

We think all meals are better with chile. That's why we've collected some of the best New Mexican recipes we could find. We’ve called this collection Abuelita’s Recipes, because when made right, they taste like home cooking.