Lobo Seraparito

Lobo Seraparito

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Everyone’s a Lobo right? Show off your pride with this cherry, silver and teal falsa print. Enhance the experience of any meal or beverage while keeping your burritos warm or your drinks cool with the one and only Seraparito.

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Seraparito Lobo Edition

Inspired by one of the oldest college campus in the United States, the Seraparito Lobo Edition incorporates the icon Cherry and Silver with a hint of Heritage Teal. Keep your Frontier burrito warm while you jog to class or keep those extra-curricular drinks cool during a late weekday night. Unlike the freshman 15, these Seraparitos won’t be sticking around for long.


  • Keeps cool things cool & warm things warm

  • Fits perfectly around burritos, bottles, and 12oz cans

  • Adjustable velcro for easy wrapping and unwrapping

  • Endorsed by Louie and Lucy

  • Enhances the flavor of anything its on

Materials & Such

Made from the super-insulator known as neoprene – the same stuff used in wetsuits to keep you warm. On each ends of the burrito blanket you’ll find velcro tabs. This offers great adjustability and allows it to fit around burritos, bottles and cans. It’s as versatile as the original falsa and serape blankets it was inspired by.

Not microwaveable or dishwasher safe. Hand washed only. Seraparitos are 100% food safe, but obviously, non-consumable.