Zia Seraparito

Zia Seraparito

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The most iconic symbol of New Mexico is proudly featured on this Zia Edition Seraparito. Our adjustable design makes the Seraparito perfect for burritos, bottles and cans and the insulated material means warm things stay warm and cool things stay cool. Made for comfort, flexibility and fun.

A great gift for the homies missing home.

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Seraparito Zia Edition

Show off your state pride with the Seraparito Zia Edition. Like burritos, the Zia symbol unites all New Mexicans from all backgrounds and as a New Mexican company, we had to put the Zia on something. Now, you can take the Land of Enchantment wherever you go with the Zia Edition Seraparito.


  • Fits perfectly around burritos, bottles, and cans

  • Insulates anything to keep cold thing cold and hot things hot

  • Adjustable velcro for easy wrapping and unwrapping

  • Enchants the flavor of anything it’s on

Materials & Such

Seraparitos are made of the super-insulator known as neoprene – the same stuff used in wetsuits to keep you warm. On each ends of the burrito blanket you’ll find velcro tabs. This offers great adjustability and allows it to fit around burritos, bottles and cans. It’s as versatile as the original falsa and serape blankets it was inspired by.

About the Zia Symbol

The Zia symbol is much more than a sun representation. Created by the Zia Pueblo, the shape begins with Circle of Life. Emanating out of the Circle of Life are four sets of four sun rays (four is a sacred number for the Zia Pueblo). The four sets of rays represent the four directions, the four times of day, the four stages of life, and the four seasons. Above all, the Zia symbol perfectly represents the convergence of cultures, thus making it a great symbol for our state to embrace.

New Mexico’s state flag was designed by archaeologist, Harry Mera of Santa Fe in 1925. Previously, New Mexico did not have a state flag.

Seraparitos are not microwaveable or dishwasher safe. Hand washed only. Seraparitos are 100% food safe, but obviously, non-consumable.